Our Methodology

At Learning Odyssey, we apply a systematic and structured approach of teaching, in order to enable optimal development of children. Our objective is to bring out the best in children and enable them to realize their full potential.

For Abacus, we use the ‘two hand’ method, together with Brain Gym techniques to enable whole brain development in children. This approach is meant to stimulate both the left and right brain of children, with the ultimate goal of enhancing brain functions including the ability to think, learn, and focus.

In Abacus classes, we also teach speed writing strategies to help the students improve their writing speed and accuracy. This ability is helpful for students as they progress in their academic journey.

We recognize that studying may quickly become tedious and that not every child has a high level of attention and understanding. As a result, we use techniques like Flash Cards to keep students engaged in the topic and, more importantly, to ensure that they understand the concept.

Finally, our learning environment has been designed to be child-friendly and to develop a love for learning in children. Our ‘Learn with Fun’ method ensures that children have a positive learning experience.

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